• Exploring Teachers’ Epistemologies and Technologies through the Lens of Activity Theory: Some Cases of English Classrooms and Teacher Training in Japan [Master’s thesis]
  • Discourse Analysis of English Lessons in Elementary School Based on Dynamic Assessment

  • The Relations Between an Affinity for Literature and Metaphorical Competence: Statistical Analysis of Undergraduates’ Metaphorical Competence

  • Consideration of a Positive Atmosphere in Informal Groups: Qualitative Analysis of a Positive Atmosphere and Members Feelings


  • How high school teachers use languages in English class: Their intentions on teaching procedure. [Master’s thesis]
  • Obstructive Factors for Hearing Reduced Forms in English and its Countermeasures
  • Causes of Errors in Use of Be-verbs and General Verbs by junior high school students and an Effective Teaching Method for the Errors
  • The Effect of the “Katakana” used Method of English Pronunciation to Japanese English Speakers’ Intelligibility
  • The Relation Between the Use of English Movies and Listening Abilities for Elementary School Students


  • A qualitative study using an interview with teachers in elementary school focus on teachers’ beliefs for correcting errors
  • A practice of repetitive expression on story telling of English picture books for middle graders in elementary school
  • A teaching method based on semantic differences between BE and HAVE for junior high school students
  • An analysis of metaphorical expressions in English produced by Japanese university students: With an exploration of a new procedure for identifying metaphors
  • The effects of silent e instruction based on phonics to elementary school pupils in foreign language activities
  • A qualitative study using an interview: What barrier to introduce CLIL in elementary schools in Japan
  • A questionnaire survey for cognition of teaching foreign languages at elementary school and cross-cultural understanding for pre-service teachers
  • The effective Japanese use of elementary school teachers in English classes based on class room observations and students responses
  • Learning English grammatical items with English songs by Japanese English learners
  • Thematic structure analysis of Japanese university students’ writing in English


  • On the linkage between Foreign Language Activities in elementary schools and the subject English in junior high schools
  • A qualitative study using an interview with ALTs in Shizuoka Prefecture: Focus on their perspectives on cooperation with JTEs
  • The effective instruction of pronunciation for Japanese learners of English: A comparison between instruction of know-how and imitation methods
  • A survey of understanding of requests in textbooks for junior high school students


  • Key factors in English grammar comprehension for Japanese learners of EFL: An analysis of L1/L2 language analytic abilities [Master’s thesis]
  • Effects of inferential question types on high school students’ thematic inference in English narrative texts [Master’s thesis]
  • The influence on motivation by repetition of exercises
  • The meaning of all-in-English policy for a private high school student
  • Effects and problems on the enforcement of activities based on fonf in English class for junior high school student
  • A teaching method based on structural differences of relative pronouns and relative adverbs for high school student


  • The effective introduction of vocabulary learning strategies for junior high school EFL learners
  • The effects of four-frame cartoon tasks on writing for Japanese EFL learners
  • The effects of foreign language activities in elementary schools collaborated with the subject Japanese
  • The present conditions of English education in special education for the deaf and suggestions to English education in special education for the deaf
  • The effects of using two types of advance organizers on listening comprehension by comparing junior high school students with university students
  • The validation of reading comprehension in reading section in TOEIC


  • On the consistency between “learning” and “enjoyment” of foreign language activities in elementary schools
  • Project-based foreign language activities by using Hi, Friends! In elementary schools
  • Analysis of the actual situation of junior high school students on English education
  • Education for international understanding in FLA in elementary schools for local community