“The use of the collaboration technology must be highly structured, with a systematic didactic approach, continuing teacher involvement, and periodic face-to-face meetings to trouble-shoot problems and reflect on the learning process.” (Stahl 2006: 218)

「eラーニング教材」とか呼んでいるモノを用意したら後は放ったらかし,なんてやり方で上手く行くわけがないのは,教育に対するマトモな感覚があれば当たり前とも言えることだが。Stahl (2006)はこう続ける。

“These suggestions are not specific to the studies presented and might surprise only people―if there still are any―who think that putting a computer box in a classroom will promote learning by itself. These are generic recommendations for any form of learner-as-thinker pedagogy, regardless of whether there is collaboration or computer support.” (Stahl 2006: 218)